Glass bricks were first used in the early 1900 to provide factories with more light and better insulation. Today, glass bricks are used in both residential and commercial buildings as well as for many institutions.

Light has the ability to breathe life into any space. Although glass is a good transmitter of light, it does not necessarily always provide the necessary privacy or safety. This is where glass bricks become an ideal option.


Glass wall blocks are hollow in the centre as they are separately produced as two different sides which are pressed together while the glass is still hot. Glass bricks are not only used for wall applications but also for floors. Floor blocks are either made from a solid piece of glass or as a hollow glass block with thicker sides than normal wall glass bricks. Floor glass bricks are incorporated into buildings by either being laid into a reinforced concrete grid work or by being set into a metal frame.

Glass blocks have many advantageous features including that they are excellent light transmitters, they provide a high level of sound insulation – even better than brick walls of the same thickness – and they are highly durable and offer supreme fire-proof and bullet-proof properties.

Furthermore, what makes these bricks even safer is that should they break, they will tend to converge inwards instead of exploding outwards as the pressure inside the glass brick is lower than the atmospheric pressure.

Some glass bricks can be described as ‘green’ glass bricks as they provide higher thermal insulation levels than brick walls of the same thickness and can be fully recycled since they are made from natural raw materials.

Besides their advantageous features, glass bricks can also be customised to suit a client’s needs and taste. When it comes to architectural creativity, glass bricks can be incorporated into almost any building shape as they can be built around curves. For further customization, different patterns and colours can be selected to create a unique look.

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