Back Painted Glass

Do you feel your home or office is looking rather drab? With GlassKote™, you are able to choose from a myriad of colours – no matter your preference, be it fuchsia or forest green, royal blue or burnt orange, you’ll find your favourite with our custom-built and treated range of back painted glass.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what exactly coloured glass is, how it is used, and why it’s so great for almost any environment.

Windows, lenses and vases – most of the glass we use is absolutely colourless and arguably quite boring. And while clear glass serves its purpose rather well, it is important, and great, to note that we at GlassKote™ have an ever-increasing range of colourful options available you, our valued customer.

What is Back Painted Glass?

“Coloured Glass” can easily be referred to as stained glass or back painted glass (painted glass) but is this correct? In principle yes. However, the processes to produce the two finishes vary somewhat. The major difference for each coating is the applications in which it can be used.

Stained glass has come to mainly refer to the glass used in making artistic windows. The process entails the use of minerals during the manufacture of glass. What makes Stained Glass more spectacular than everyday clear glass objects of colour is simply the way light is transmitted through it. It is typically used for doors and windows, and a few less mainstream applications, like lamp shades.

Back painted glass is exactly that – glass with a painted coating. When it comes to interiors, back painted glass has the advantage over stained glass in that there is greater scope to express the exact atmosphere you want. Not only is the colour, finish and design choice unlimited, the applications in which back painted glass can be utilised is vast; from splashbacks and furniture to wall cladding and spandrels.  Back painted glass has been brought back to be a prominent design feature for architects and designers.

Types of Glass

  • Annealed Glass

This glass is standard glass and typically has a green tinge to the colour of the glass. This is the most cost-effective type of glass which means it is also the most commonly used type of glass.

  • Low Iron (Ultra Clear) Glass

Low Iron (or Ultra Clear) Glass is especially transparent and customisable due to the lower iron content found in it compared to that of annealed glass. This is the preferred glass type for coloured glass and is used in several unique ways.

  • Patterned Glass (glass manufactured with a particular design/pattern)

Patterned glass adds a truly decorative flair to glass applications, and allows for a myriad of displays and aesthetics based on personal preference and purpose. From a modern kitchen to a slick, contemporary office building, patterned glass adds an especially unique spin on glass decoration, all at an affordable coloured glass price.

The coloured glass market is well-known to architects, designers, businesses as well as general home owners. Colours, designs and styles are freely accessible on the web, equipping you to make good decisions for a coloured glass project.

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