Coloured Glass Cladding

When looking to reinforce a structure, glass might not be your first thought. However, coloured glass cladding is often used for a variety of architectural projects. Glass cladding used in foyers, elevators, walls and pillars as a decorative and protective layer.

There are distinct advantages to choosing coloured glass for cladding:

You can customize your cladding by choosing whichever colour you wish, along with the options of having patterns. This creates an easy platform for architects and designs to work from.

Contrary to what it might sound like, glass cladding offers good toughness as the glass is specially modified to do so. The glass is manufactured in a way that prevents it from cracking or breaking easier than standard float glass; this is known has safety or toughened glass.

Another big plus point of Coloured Glass Cladding is that it will keep its appearance for a long time.