Coloured Glass Doors

Introducing glass into a building has the benefit of welcoming natural light to flood an area and change a room’s atmosphere. Glass doors are ideal features to allow this to happen.


Besides allowing light in, glass doors also have the benefit of providing unobstructed views, creating a modern atmosphere and are highly customizable and available in a number of different styles and shapes.


When considering glass doors, options include: framed and frameless glass doors, pivot and hinge glass doors, folding or sliding glass doors.

For framed glass doors, materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, steel and wood can be used. Making use of aluminium framed glass doors has the following advantages: aluminium is a strong and extremely durable product, it is available in a range of colour coated colours such as white and bronze, and it is ideal to use in coastal areas as it is not affected by humid coastal air and it is thermally stable. Wooden framed glass doors on the other hand, need more maintenance but can add greatly to the aesthetic appeal of a space.

Frameless glass doors are ideal to use for the visual value they add to a room – instantly being able to create a modern feel.

Pivot and hinge glass doors are easy to operate and will allow for a spacious feeling when used with frameless glass doors.

There are a number of different sliding glass door options available: traditional, folding, disappearing and trackless and disappearing.

Traditional sliding glass doors have one fixed and one movable glass pane. Folding glass doors have a number of glass panes which can all be folded or stacked so that a large area can be opened up, such as a patio. Disappearing sliding glass doors slide into a wall pocket and can therefore be hidden completely. Trackless and disappearing sliding doors are installed at the top of the door pane and can also slide into a wall pocket to be unseen.

Finally, glass shower doors are a popular choice for bathrooms and also available in framed and frameless options.


A variety of glass thicknesses are available for each type of door, including double-glazed glass for security purposes. It’s best to speak to your glass supplier about the best options available. The glass is customizable through sandblasting and glazing.