Glass Flooring

With glass being used in design more often around the globe, it makes a lot of sense to add a modern look to your residential and commercial buildings with slick, well-designed coloured glass flooring.

With its clean smooth lines, glass is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while giving you a clear view of what is on the other side of it.  A glass tile floor, when it catches that perfect spot of light, will showcase your personal choice of style. Glass floors add a beautiful feature to a home and are often novel focal points for exotic balconies and mezzanines.

Glass floors are made with transparent glass, and can be useful to view objects from above or below. Applying a coloured glass aspect to the flooring adds an additional layer of aesthetics which is uniquely striking. If glass floors are used on upper floors, they can significantly reduce your reliance on artificial light by allowing natural light to do the work. Glass floors are also commonly used to show off a particular view or feature beneath, and are often inset into another floor type.

Translucent glass is commonly used when there is no need to look through the glass, and in either case it is usually toughened glass that is used as it provides additional safety and sturdiness. In addition, it is also more durable and resistant to breakage and general wear and tear.

There are several ways to showcase the beauty and chic style of glass flooring; be it a home or office environment, coloured glass is a great method of adding a stylish touch. Be it sanded glass or etched, the options are endless. Many fans of GlassKote™ choose tasteful lighting, either above or below glass flooring, to highlight the elegance of the design.

There are also several benefits of coloured glass which provide you – the client – with an all-frills, no-fuss option. It is useful to note that glass flooring panels are constructed from laminated layers of tempered, annealed or heat-strengthened glass. The required thickness will vary depending on how large each panel is, but 50mm is common.

Benefits of Coloured Glass Flooring

  • Customizable as they are available in different shapes, styles and colours
  • Can be incorporated into any building including curved buildings
  • Provide a modern and elegant feel to any environment
  • Play a key role in adding to the aesthetics of a home, hotel, office, apartments or a high rise building
  • Extremely durable

To maintain the aesthetic beauty of glass flooring is incredibly important – and easy! Simply wipe the flooring with a soft, clean and non-abrasive cloth together with a mild detergent or non-abrasive glass cleaning solution. After cleaning, rinse immediately with clean water and remove the excess water from the panel.

Add Your Layer Today

GlassKote™ installations are simple, quick and clean compared to other applications and product installations. Glasskote™ applications can be installed by all glass installers, but needs to be installed according to Glasskote™ specifications.