Glass Partitioning

Does your home or office space feel stifling and claustrophobic? Does the environment feel overwhelming in all the wrong ways? And lastly, is there a severe lack of beautiful, natural and healthy light?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it’s time you considered making use of modern and sleek glass partitioning.

GlassKote™ offers outstanding service and quality glass partitioning in South Africa, and even better, you’re now able to customise your glass partition to your exact specifications. This means you’re able to choose the best fit for your office or home, taking into consideration several factors including, but not limited to:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Type of glass
  • A near limitless colour palette
  • Different types of glass finishes

A key feature is that you’re able to select your ultimate aesthetic. The GlassKote™ process is fundamentally a permanent, colour-fixing process for glass. The unique, trademarked process utilizes current computer-based colour-matching paint technology combined with a unique additive that can be efficiently applied to almost every type of glass.

Benefits of Glass Partitioning in the Workplace

There are multiple proven benefits to using glass partitioning in the workplace – many of which reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Aesthetics: Expertly installed glass partitioning provides an office with a modern look which helps to impress clients and motivate employees.
  • Variety: As mentioned, there are near endless types of glass and colour variations which can be used. This helps you to customise your office based on your business and office culture.
  • Visibility: Depending on the type of glass and colour scheme, glass partitioning adds an aspect of visibility to any office space. This clears up the floor, adds substantial natural light, and makes for an open, transparent and friendly environment.
  • Sound proofing: Glass partitioning allows for a level of privacy while still promoting an open space. This allows for a professional working environment which caters to offices, meeting rooms, and boardrooms.
  • Flexibility: Glass partitions can be easily remounted and can be moved in case extra space is needed or a segment is to be made in a particular area of the office or part of your home.

As you have by now gathered, glass partitioning is often used in workplaces to divide offices and work areas. But its applications are not limited to the professional space as it can also be used in the home –   in kitchen, bathroom, or study spaces – therefore utilising the most space and light available.

With over forty years of applying many hundreds of patterns, colours and techniques to glass, GlassKote™ is the forerunner in coated glass in the world today. Our coloured glass suppliers will be able to assist you with glass partitioning in South Africa.

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