Glass Stairs

In this day and age, glass stairs are arguably one of the main design features that projects class, elegance and sheer modern décor in a home or office.

No matter your preference, GlassKote™ glass stairs provide flawless, chic and sophisticated options – and all to your exact specification. This means your coloured glass stairs will suit your space and style.

There are a myriad of benefits to glass stairs over traditional wooden stairs, including aesthetics, customisation , durability and being easy to clean.

The Many Benefits of Coloured Glass Stairs

  • Easy to maintain and clean: Glass stairs are extremely easy to clean, and don’t require extremely pricey products or a costly service. Simply wipe the coloured glass stairs with a mop, clean water, and a non-abrasive cleaning product to keep them in pristine condition. This makes glass staircases perfect for areas which encounter a high level of foot traffic or children at play. In addition, they don’t require regular polishing, repainting or varnishing, and they don’t attract dust as much as concrete or wood.
  • Extreme durability: While you might expect this building feature to shatter on first contact, GlassKote™ glass stairs are actually extremely durable, and provide sturdiness not even found with traditional wooden stairs. Another advantage that you will find is that glass is not going to start to rot or wear away as you will find with wood. You never have to worry about pesky pests when you are using glass either. Glass stairs are made out of toughened glass which is then treated and coated to ensure durability, sturdiness, and a non-slip surface. As such, they are highly recommended for families with children and pets.
  • Customisation: Glass stairs allow for near countless variations, and maximise the space in which they are placed. For example, a spiral glass staircase takes up very little space and is perfect for smaller rooms and loft apartments. They also provide the profound allure of extra space. GlassKote™ coloured glass stairs provide anything from a modern, sophisticated, and minimalistic look to a loud and vivid statement installation.

With the above in mind, it should be an obvious choice to make use of coloured glass stairs in your South African home or office. Our range of treatment options – from etched to sand blasted – offer you exactly what you need, and our colour variations, be it solid or semi-transparent, will suit your desire no matter your imagination.

And with over forty years of applying many hundreds of patterns, colours and techniques to glass, GlassKote™ is the forerunner in coated glass in the world today. Our coloured glass suppliers will be able to assist you with coloured glass staircases in South Africa.